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Beef and Hart

The corporate logo of MIKAGE LLC. is designed by rai-rai public corporation.ltd. The concept idea of this logo is "BEEF" and "HEART". This is based on Young Mikage's experiences in U.S. During playing cards, his friend asked "What is the opposite of chicken heart?" and Mikage answered "BEEF HEART". The correct answer was Iron Heart or Lion Heart, but this is the Mikage's enthusiastic attitude to game creation.

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MIKAGE LLC. Is the Game creation studio represented by Ryoei Mikage(Tokyo Polytechnic University / Faculty of Arts / Graduate School of Film / Bachelor of Fine Arts) who worked on the Luminous Arc and ARCRISE FANTSIA. MIKAGE LLC. is excel at Role-Playing Game genre and now MIKAGE LLC is working on Criminal GirlsX / project AA / 99Girls Bull's Eye.

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Company name MIKAGE LLC.
Date of establishment February 20/2017
WEB http://mikage.co.jp/
Capital ¥3,000,000
Business Development, sales and operation of computer games
Offices Hiekawa, Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan/Preparation for North American office(2021)

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